Muscle Revival Integrative Massage

Creating lasting change through detailed functional bodywork, massage cupping, myofascial care and hot stone therapy.

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Hours of Operation

Muscle Revival office appointments within Motion massage in Denver, CO.
5455 W 38th Ave 

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays 10:00am - 6:30pm

Self care has never felt so good!

Treat yo' self & Invest in your health

Say goodbye to aches, pain and tension in your body and a big welcoming HELLO to relief, rejuvenation and feeling your best! 

It's time to enjoy the MANY physical, energetic, mental and emotional health benefits of functional and therapeutic bodywork!

Vi Jorgensen Muscle Revival's LMT & owner

Vi is a soft tissue expert who created a unique bodywork experience called "Muscle Revival". Muscle Revival is a combination of advanced techniques such as, NMRT (neuromuscular release technique), massage cupping, Gua Sha myofascial scraping, myofascial release, PNF & PRE strengthening/stretching exercises along with delightful and very effective hot stone therapy. She also adds in some more "traditional" massage movements such as swedish, effleurage. and trigger point therapy. Sound healing and chakra balancing energy work may be requested as an add on to your session. 

"I am a goal oriented practitioner working to achieve lasting change and pain relief for my clients. With me, you will experience a well rounded, educational bodywork session that will leave you with noticeable change in your body and immediate results. You will also be provided with "tools" aka stretches and strengthening exercises; to help yourself maintain the bodywork results and balance in your body at home." -Vi

Custom Integrative Massage

Each massage is customized to the individual with the goal of creating muscle balance, pain relief and lasting change in the body. 

Your massage may include the following modalities: neuromuscular release technique, muscle activation, massage cupping, hot stone therapy, Swedish massage, myofascial release, myofascial scraping, trigger point therapy, relaxing effleurage movements, shiatsu pressure points, stretching and/or strengthening exercises.

Request chakra balancing sound healing to be added to your massage.

Enjoy the feeling of lasting change, pain relief and balance in your body with a Muscle Revival Functional Massage!

Functional Massage Therapy

Quality active bodywork preformed at the Muscle Revival studio within Motion Massage in Denver

Muscle Revival within Motion Massage (Denver, CO)

on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays  

Motion Massage Office: 5455 W 38th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO 80212


90 min in office custom massage $180

120 min in office custom massage $240

Massage cupping, Gua Sha myofascial scraping, myofascial release, hot stone therapy, NMRT/muscle activation, trigger point, Shiatsu, Swedish massage, effleurage movements, PNF/PRE strengthening and stretching exercises are included in all Muscle Revival massage sessions. You may request to add chakra balancing sound healing to your massage for no additional cost.
(Gratuity is included in the price, although you are welcome to add additional gratuity if you’d like.)

Mobile massage services may be requested and are provided on some Mondays & some Fridays. Email to request a mobile appointment at: 

     Done within a 20 mile radius of Arvada, CO.

(up to 50 mile radius will be considered for an addition $1 per mile)

Gratuity is not included in mobile pricing.

90 min Mobile Therapeutic Massage

Customized massage that includes NMRT, massage cupping and Gua Sha myofascial scrapping.

$180 + $50 mobile massage fee

120 min Mobile Therapeutic Massage

Customized massage that includes NMRT, massage cupping and Gua Sha myofascial scrapping. 

$240 + $50 mobile massage fee

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